5 Tips To Make You A Better Cook

5 Tips To Make You A Better Cook

5 Tips To Make You A Better Cook is simple advice from one home cook to another. The basic 5 tips that I think every home cook should know and follow. Whether you’re just learning to cook or a trained chef, these are all great tips.

1.) Salt as you go. No need to over salt things, but don’t wait until the last minute to salt your dish. Rule of thumb: Every time something goes in the pan throw a pinch of salt with it. The only salt I use is Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt, there’s a big difference between salts and this one is mild with coarse crystals. Perfect for all kinds of cooking.

2.) Don’t be afraid of herbs and spices. These are the healthiest ways to add flavor to your food. The use of parsley, thyme, basil or rosemary {dried or fresh} can brighten up any dish. A touch of ground Nutmeg will give a hint of savory and spicy notes to any dish especially if it includes dairy products. Ground Ginger will bring a certain something to any smoothie, sauce, or spice rubs. Yes, I said smoothie, try peach or mango with a pinch of ginger.

3.) Marinate and brine. This tenderizes and adds moisture to your meats. Brining is not as complicated as it sounds all you need are the 3 basics; Water, sugar, salt. Add your own spices and herbs to the brine and these flavors with implement themselves into the dish. Brine overnight for more tender chicken, turkey, or pork. Just make sure you rinse the brine thoroughly off your protein before cooking. And always remember to pat dry any protein before cooking.

Marinades add flavor and a lot of it with little to no work. No need to marinate overnight. Seafood only needs a half hour to an hour of marinade time. Meats like steak and pork needs up to 4 hours. Chicken can take as little as 2 hours for a marinade to add the flavor it needs.

4.) Store bought pie crust is just as good as homemade aka cut corners when it makes sense for your cooking. I know a lot of bakers will debate me on this. However, I am no baker so store bought is good enough for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve struggled with pie crust. It’s messy and, for me, it’s just not worth the time. End of story. This tip goes with a lot of things I believe in with home cooking, if it’s not worth your time then don’t struggle to make everything from scratch. Semi-homemade food is just as good as homemade.

5.) Stay organized. Mise en place {Everything is in its place before you begin cooking.} Everything that can be prepped before the actual meal is cooked should be prepped. This will save your life and blood pressure. Have everything out that you’ll need for the recipe so you’re not constantly going back and forth between pantry and fridge. Prep bowls help when measuring spices and sauces, have all your measurements done before hand so you can just grab a bowl and add it to the pan. This will cut your cooking time in half.

Most importantly, have fun while you’re cooking, get everyone involved and it’ll go by faster. Pour a glass of wine and put on some music. The kitchen should be a relaxing, clean and inviting place. This is the heart and soul of your home.

Savor and Enjoy!

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    • I really do try! Every time I just reach for Pillsbury Crust, so simple, no guilt. Although I did just find a great recipe for Pie Crust that had a touch of vinegar in it. The acid made the crust so flaky.

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